A new brand identity for a group of diverse companies.

Symbiotiq group

Year 2024 Project number 330

Inspired by the concept of symbiosis, we unite diverse companies under one powerful brand. Each benefits from shared resources and collective expertise. Together, we embody a synergy that enhances our competitiveness and effectiveness, proving that unity is not just a strength, but a vital strategy for success in today’s interconnected market. Symbiotiq, stronger together.

Symbiosis is a Greek word meaning “living together”. It is a compound from sym – “together” and bios – “life”. Symbiotic is an English adjective derived from the noun symbiosis. In the brand name, we use the intentionally changed suffix – iq – with the same pronunciation, so it can be registered and legally protected.

Symbiotiq Subsidiary Brands

The brand name is an adjective. The parent company is indicated by adding the noun “group”. Individual subsidiaries are distinguished by adding the noun denoting their field of activity: Symbiotiq home care, Symbiotiq social services, Symbiotiq investment, Symbiotiq property, Symbiotiq development.

Symbiotiq Principles

The brand concept is based on the idea that unity and the mutual benefits of being together help each company to prosper. Collaboration: Fostering a culture of teamwork. Recognizing that the best results often come from working together towards common goals. Adaptability: Being open and flexible to change, much like symbiotic relationships in nature that evolve over time. Growth encouragement: Investing in the growth and development of employees and partners, recognizing that empowering others contributes to the overall success of the ecosystem.

Examples illustrating the philosophy of applying the brand identity to real objects. These applications are continuously evolving.