Our Mindset

Our work is based on few principles we proudly stand for.

We are all enormously lucky. We are lucky we live on a lonely speck of dust we call Earth in the vastness of the universe. We are lucky we are among the privileged few who won the lottery of life, were born and survived.

All this luck gives us a great chance to do something meaningful, something that makes difference. The world is flooded with mediocrity. Shake things up and do something extraordinary. You want to look back one day and say it was worth it.

All great things start with a small idea.

We are all brought up to respect authority, to accept beliefs, to obey rules. Nothing truly great can be made by obeying. You need to question and challenge dogmas. Think independently, make up your own mind. Everything revolutionary is at first seen as impossible and dangerous. But staying safe leads to nowhere.

Sometimes you turn some people off. They call you crazy. That’s all right. If no one is upset by what you are doing, you are probably not doing it well enough.

To make something new, you have to question the unquestionable.

We humans are very curious and relentless apes. We do not let ideas go. We never stop asking. We do it again and again and finally make even the impossible easy. Curiosity is what made us such a successful species. We are not satisfied with believing,
we want to know.

Curiosity makes us keep our eyes open. Great things can come from unexpected places. A brief walk in the park can give us more than weeks in the office. We have to be ready to embrace the unexpected.

There are many wonderful things waiting to be known.

If you want to throw punches, first you need to learn how to take them.

Every failure teaches you a very precious lesson. There are times when a failure is more important than a success. A quick win can easily make you satisfied and you lose the drive to do better.

Great human marvels have arisen from mistakes. Failing and coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving. You are different and you have learned a lot of things along the way.

Every failure is a chance to make things better.

The human mind can be easily deluded. We tend to mix up our wishes with reality. We love to fool ourselves if it makes it easier for us. But the truth stays the same whether we like it or not.

Reason liberates us. It allows us to begin to truly understand the universe and even ourselves. Reason is not perfect. We do not know everything. Solving one mystery reveals even bigger ones. But admitting that there are things we do not know
is in itself great knowledge.

Be hard on your ideas. Prefer reason over faith. Reject superstition and prejudice. Nature cannot be fooled.

The great is always very simple. Simplicity is powerful, effective and beautiful. Trends come and go, simplicity stays.

You have to have the courage to sacrifice many of your dear ideas for the greater good. It is painful, but it has to be done. Stick to the essential, remove the redundant. Make the complicated clear. Think hard, have doubts, reduce and then reduce again.

Only the best matters.

We try hard to live by these ideas and use them at our work.

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