Makro/Metro store strategy and remodelling design

Makro – The Temple of Food

Year 2018 Project number 173

Food is our fuel. The primary purpose of eating is to gain nutrients our body needs to live and grow.

But food means much more to us. We love food, we share it and celebrate it. We offer food to our guests as a gesture of good will. Food is the cornerstoneof human society.

The Temple of Food

This is the story of a temple of food, a unique place dedicated to food professionals and enthusiasts. This project began as a redesign of a Makro store and it has evolved beyond.

The main intention is a fundamental change in our way of thinking. The design change is a consequence.

Strategy No. 1 Unique Services

By combining our people and products we create a range of unique services and opportunities.

We work on educating and raising the standard of the local food industry. We have a Makro Academy offering a variety of courses for professionals and enthusiasts.

We have a Store Academy, an open kitchen in the store for cooking and tasting events. We organize food events and parades. We publish several food magazines. We identify and set trends in gastronomy.

We offer extensive product counselling in store. Our expert advisors help customers to choose the right wine or spirit. We offer professional services and support to our partners at the partner’s lounge.

Strategy No. 2 Social Responsibility

By combining our people and mindset we apply ourselves to act responsibly for the good of society at large. We want to maintain a balance between our economic efforts and our communities, families and friends.

We create new shopping experiences for our clients, making them smoother and more convenient. We provide more space and minimize unnecessary distractions. We give people a chance to rest and get refreshments in the store.

We organize events to strengthen the bonds between our people. We turn out store into a social club where our customers try new products and tastes. We support mixing of cultural influences. We work with bloggers and influencers on cultivating the way our society thinks about food.

We support small-scale local producers, people who dedicate their lives to making quality products.

Strategy No. 3 Environmental Responsibility

By combining our mindset and products we commit ourselves to act responsibly towards the environment.

This means we chose to refrain from acts and behaviour damaging natural environments. We bear in mind the carbon footprint of everything we do. We want to introduce new green technologies and solutions.

We offer and support products from local suppliers, reducing the need for long distance transport. We sell compressed natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel, to our customers. We try to eliminate unnecessary waste. If waste is produced, we sort it and have it recycled.