Concept design of amotor culture sanctuary in former boiler house in Libčice nad Vltavou

Kotelna Libčice

Year 2013 Project number 108

Kotelna (The Boilerhouse) is a unique space dedicated to car aficionados. It is a place to enjoy a drink in the company of marvels of technology and a car storage vault for avid collectors.

Kotelna Building History

A screw manufacturing factory was built in Libčice nad Vltavou in 1872. The old boiler house was an integral part of the plant. Its imposing building made from bare bricks with a chimney has been since that time a distinctive element of the Libčice skyline.

The Location

The town of Libčice is situated 12 km north of Prague in picturesque valley of the Vltava River. The old screw manufacturing buildings form a kilometre-long strip along the river. The whole industrial estate is undergoing transformation from a sleepy brownfield to a modern design and high technology center.

The Collectors Club

The Kotelna Club is a place for meeting friends with the same passion for fast machines. You can have a business meeting here or enjoy your leisure time with a glass of your favorite drink.

The Great Hall Bar

This is an open space on the ground floor overlooking the car collection, a great party place for any occasion.

Whiskey & Cigar Bar

This is a basement gentlemen’s lounge with a special private ambiance, a perfect place for a private business meeting or refuge from the hustle and bustle outside.

The Wine Cellar

Heavy masonry foundations for the former boilers create a space with excellent conditions for storage of wine. We will be happy to offer you wine from our collections or store your special selection.

The Car Vault

Hidden in the rear end of the Kotelna builing is a collectors’ car vault. It is a secure place under constant 24/7 surveillance with carefully controlled climate perfect for machinery preservation. You can store here your automotive treasures. They will receive the best care and you can feast your eyes on them whenever you want.