Brand identity for energy system integration company


Year 2014 Project number 121

Imagine a world without electricity. Inventions that make our lives easier day by day would not serve us without energy. What we take for granted today has not always been so. The first commercial electric lights were lit just 150 years ago. Today, more than 3 terawatts of electrical energy is continuously generated and consumed. Almost all of our activities depend on a steady supply of it. Electrical energy is key to the modern world.

We create innovative solutions to make power available anywhere, anytime.

We are IBG.
IBG stands for Innovation Beyond the Grid.

The geometry of the brand logo is formed by the stylized lowercase letters of the brand name. The round shape is inspired by a drop of liquid battery electrolyte (traction lead batteries were IBG’s first products) and the coil of an electrical transformer.

Examples illustrating the philosophy of applying the brand identity on real objects.