Design of the energy storage innovation centre in Slovak town Modra

IBG Slovak Innovation Centre

Year 2020 Project number 230


Modra (German Modern, Hungarian Modor, Latin Modur) is a picturesque town in the foothills of the Little Carpathian mountains. It is known as the viticulture centre of the Little Carpathians region. Bratislava, the Slovakia’s capital, is approximately 30 km away. The beautiful landscape and proximity of highway network makes it a great location for an innovation centre focusing on clean energy production and storage.


The centre is located in an industrial zone on the southeastern edge of the town. Access to our land is via a dedicated road along a stream. Potential buildup of the area is limited by several high voltage lines and their clearance zones.


The building unites diverse activities into a simple volume. Two floors of offices with leisure activities and short-term accommodation are concentrated in one corner of the building. A single, high-ceiling floor for the workshops and storage area occupies takes the rest of the building. The first floor of offices contains sales and technical department spaces. The technical department connects directly to the workshop. Its aim is to encourage interaction between theory and practice.

The second floor contains management offices, meeting and relaxation areas and short-term accommodation. The gym and relaxation zones have an important role in the company’s philosophy with the aim to boost and inspire fresh and innovative ideas. The main meeting area is a flexible space. It can be converted into a regular meeting room for up to 25 people or serve as coworking space and creative melting pot. Part of the second floor is also dedicated to short-term accommodation for use by colleagues from distant parts of the country who occasionally stay at the centre for a few days.

The roof terrace offers a garden with beautiful, panoramic views of Modra and the Little Carpathians. The roof of the storage area and workshop will be used for a photovoltaic power plant. We want to demonstrate the technology we promote in practice.


The building is designed to use a prefabricated modular reinforced concrete structure. The axial distance of the main columns is 12×12 m. We work with basic modules of 0.3 m. Each module is determined by the storage system. Optimal rack layout (derived from euro pallet dimensions) is crucial for economical storage operation.