Brand identity redesign for spinal implant supplier

Best medical

Year 2022 Project number 308

Spinal treatment and spinal implants require the best in uncompromising care. Best medical has built its reputation on the careful selection of suppliers and their products. Not every supplier can produce the entire product line of implants in flawless quality. We accept only the best and manage the registration, certification and thorough inspection of all products.

We then keep a complete range in stock and are ready to deliver it to the operating theatre at any time. Best medical supplies the best solution for every situation.

We use idioms derived from the brand name. It allows us to make connections without overusing the brand.

…at my/your/its/our/your/their best meaning in the best form, in all its beauty, of the highest quality
…to make the best of sth in the sense of making the best of a given situation

Make the Best of anything

Examples illustrating the philosophy of applying the brand identity on real objects.