Brand identity redesign for supercars dealer.

Advantage cars

Year 2012 Project number 84

This world is rich in good things, but the truly perfect are very rare indeed. Good is not good enough.

Unprecedented Performance
It is not just the amount of horsepower or or torque that matters. These cars are the products of the best minds and most skilful hands the mankind can bring together. It is not only the incredible mechanical excellences, these machines have souls. It takes you farther then you can imagine. And much faster…

Subtle Details
There are many cars that look almost perfect. But when you come closer, you get the feeling that something is wrong. The devil is in the detail. Perfection can never be faked. Flawless details make a real marvel of machinery.

Pure Emotion
You may see a car and imagine what it is like to drive it. The surge of adrenalin you feel when you start the engine. The shivers down the spine when you step on the gas. The sheer force when you spin the wheel fast. But no words can describe the feeling, you have to experience it for yourself.

Passion for perfection is our advantage. Make it yours.