Za humny

Cultural centre Hloubětín, Prague (h55)

Czech word ‘Humno’ in english The Threshing Floor, originally beaten, uncovered place, where oxen were used for separating out grain, oxen were later replaced with the use of a flail. The place was later cover and incorporated into the barn. Saying „Za humny“ – „Beyond the threshing floor“ was used describe a place close to home.

Threshing floor was the border of the village, behind that were orchards, fields and the landscape. It was the informal meeting place of youth and whole village. Threshing floor was a sala terrena of a village.

Beyond the threshing floor

The house is the last one in a row on the way from the square to the church. The house is the border between the city and garden. It is a journey from a village into the landscape – A journey beyond the threshing floor. The barn is the inspiration for the layout and form of the house – open space threshing floor, gable roof, wooden structures, open plan.

We propose a second path perpendicular to the main one. It goes from parking space to the garden. It is the main axis the garden. At the intersection of these two paths is the focus of public space. Like the threshing floor became a part of the barn, the space is under roof and becomes part of the house. The area can be closed by large sliding door.

The house is divided into three parts – a hall (covered public space), a café and a library. It follows historical parcelling. Individual parts follow the rising terrain. The platformsw are connected with ramps and stages for informal seating. Each part has a separate entrance from the street. It can operate independently or it can be connected. Offices and meeting rooms are suspended above this open layout.

The Structure of the house is a traditional timber roof frame of a 10 m span. The facade is made ​​of timber pillars with glazing between them. Retractable textile blinds are shading the entire area of the facade and roof. This fabric „skin“ of the building is also used in the hall. It can be closed or open according to weather.