Sports hall in České Budějovice

3rd place in the architectural competition

Landscape and the City

The site (Dlouhá Louka, Long Meadow) is a unique place where the landscape penetrates into the city and touches the historic centre. This contacts is in the 21st century exceptional.

Journey Out of the City

Dlouhá Louka is separated from the nearby river and the motorways. It is an island connected with the surrounding by walkways and bridges. These bridges, connecting the historical centre, Sokol Island, Dlouhá Louka and Stromovka park create a way out the city to the landscape. On this path are  as stops the main city sport centres.

Public Space – a Hectare

We create an open public space the size of one hectare (100 x 100 m), which connects all the walkways and paths. This free open green space creates a foreground for the new hall itself. It is a meeting, resting place where divers cultural and sporting events can take place in the open air.


The house has a classic tectonics – plinth, parterre and roof.

Plinth, the 1st floor, is connected to the parking house and creates a platform above which the roof mass hovers. The north side of the base creates a natural amphitheater open to the Hectar.

Parterre, the 2nd floor, is fully open to the surroundings. The surrounding flows to the interior of the house.

The 3rd floor is a meeting and exhibition space along the two halls. The roof creates a simple box hovering above the parterre. The façade of the box is a low resolution RGB display communicating with the surroundings. It manifests the events inside.


The traffic is divided horizontally and vertically into sections for spectators, athletes, press and VIPs, staff and supplies.

On the 1st floor – the plinth is the place where most facilities and sport equipment are located.

The 2nd floor – Parterre is dedicated to visitors. Sport fans enter the hall through the two-story foyer. Foyer is accessed directly from the car park and the public park – The Hectar. Cafeterias, cloakrooms  and toilets  are located below the stands.

The foyer on the 3rd floor is accessed through a pair of stairs from Parterre. There  is a restaurant, exhibition space and conference hall. This space may be used separately for divers social occasion and conferences. Skyboxes and the VIP zone is located on the 4th floor.

The façade as a means of communication

The façade  is composed of aluminum frames with stretched translucent fabric. The fabric is made luminate by RGB LED lighting system. In daylight the  façade jacket is white. In the dark it works as a colour display with low resolution (106 x 9 and 66 x 9 pixels). This will not only bring the current progress of the game to surrounding, but it can as well as promote upcoming events.