House in Ivanovice

The Location

The house is on a small plot on the outskirts of Brno. Infrastructure protection zone do not allow to build within 12 m from the street line. This limit determines the spatial solution of the house. It divides the garden into two parts, the eastern with access from the street and the western with beautiful views of the hill of Sychrov.

The House

The house is composed of two perpendicular wings enclosing the atrium. Residential wing is placed transversely across the land, the wing of bedrooms is longitudinal with the northern edge of the land.

The Residential Wing

It’s facade is fully glazed. It connects the separate parts of the garden and atrium with terrace. During the summer the glazed panels will be open and terrace with garden will blend into one living space.

The Bedrooms Wing

The private wing with bedrooms and facilities is enclosed with walls, all It’s windows are facing the atrium.